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Volume Calculation and Extraction Procedures

3vee is collection of program for the assessment of volumes in protein files.

External Volumes

Volume Calculation

Calculate the volume of a structure for a given probe size

Volume Range

Calculate the volume of a structure for a range probe sizes

Internal Volumes

Channel Finder

Find and extract all major channels from the structure based on their size

Single Channel Extraction

Extract a particular channel with a known x,y,z coordinate

Solvent Extraction

Extract all the solvent volume from a structure

Exit Tunnel Extraction

Calculate the volume of the polypeptide exit tunnel from the 50S ribosomal subunit

Recent runs

Job id: 2018.oct19.ae8 PDB id: 4PY8  
Program: runVolume

Job id: 2018.oct19.9fa  
Program: runVolume

Job id: 2018.oct19.f35  
Program: runVolume

Job id: 2018.oct18.dec  
Program: runChannelFinder

Job id: 2018.oct18.edb  
Program: runChannelFinder

Job id: 2018.oct18.772  
Program: runChannelFinder

'3V: cavity, channel and cleft volume calculator and extractor' (free text)
Nucleic Acids Res. 2010 July 1; 38(Web Server issue): W555–W562
by Neil R. Voss and Mark Gerstein
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