3v Results for JobId '2020.nov14.2cf'

Run Information

PDB id: 1a6d 
biological unit: no
use hetero atoms: no
allow public display: no
grid resolution: crude
smallprobe: 5.0
bigprobe: 40.0
pymol: False
waterpdb: False
coord: 0,0,0

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Volume Information

Voxel size: 2.0 Å
Volume: 484664 Å3
Surface area: 44675 Å2
Sphericity, Ψ: 0.67
Effective radius: 32.55 Å
Center of Mass: (-68.0, -86.0, -86.0) Å

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'3V: cavity, channel and cleft volume calculator and extractor' (free text)
Nucleic Acids Res. 2010 July 1; 38(Web Server issue): W555–W562
by Neil R. Voss and Mark Gerstein
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